Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Fab Five

My first Friday Fab Five post!  My wonderful husband is home with me today, which means mommy gets to drink wine in the afternoon as he watches the baby!  Since it is Friday and all & everyone's getting their drink on - momma is sharing 5 amazing drinks you should indulge in this weekend.  Call your girlies or your bros, get creative and enjoy.  Cheers lovelies!

1. Cocktails topped with cotton candy.  Normally my hard drink of choice is straight whisky/bourbon - but if you're bar hopping or entertaining with some lovely ladies this weekend, how could you not love this!

2. Craft beer with labels that appeal to you - and that your husband will love.  I always buy a few different ones to keep stocked at home, as you never know when visitors will come & you'll want to show off your the most amazing hostest/best wife ever skills.

3. Local wines!  That is if you live in an amazing area like Vancouver.  If you're reading this from a sand storm area, I'm sorry for your loss - you're missing out and BC has some of the most amazing vineyards - so convince your husband you need a vacation that involves booze.

4. Brunch worthy Caesar's.  I love me some Sunday extra spicy Caesars filled with extra veggies (or hot wings/onion rings as pictured in the above one from one of my fave locals).

5.  Girly beers - yes that's right.  If you don't love beer, you're probably attempting to swallow the nasty ones out there filled with canned grossness that your cheap friends bring over to your house party.  Stop saying I hate beer & learn to love craft beer fit for the pickiest drinkers.
Happy Friday darlings!

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