This blog started in December 2014 as a personal outlet about my first time as a 30 year old newlywed wife, on maternity leave in the suburbs of Vancouver.  As a newbie to the whole marriage & motherhood scene, this blog will be about the everyday woman as I explore life during maternity leave.  Here you will find me documenting my personal style, my attempts at Pinterest DIY projects, Pinterest foodporn recipes, and obviously my days spent with my beautiful daughter Sophia and loving husband Nicholas.  Thank you for visiting, and exploring my online outlet of my so called life.

Stephanie Smallsen


Born and raised in Vancouver - although my family roots hail from Denmark.
The ocean has always been no further than 30 minutes from me.  I could live anywhere in the world - as long as I had the sun, sand and surf.
Aside from my 1 year housewife trial run, I've worked in sales/marketing/journalism for 8 years - and prior to that, I was a wanderlust lifeguard, attending school to become a dental hygienist.
I married the love of my life Nicholas, in September 2014
We recently moved into our 2 bedroom condo, which I'm having so much fun decorating.
Music is my other love & sometimes the highlight of my day is scoring some amazing new vinyl.  I'm also a huge fan of college basketball - and one of the top ten things on my bucket list is to attend a UConn/Duke game.

I put hot sauce on anything savoury, the only thing I buy canned is tuna & I shop organic/local when I can.
I'm a hopeless romantic with a strong back bone to make it in this world.  I'm excited yet nervous to start this new chapter of my life, and I'm here to share my trials & errors with all you darlings, as you follow my newfound motherhood journey.


  1. hi gal! thank you so much for popping over to September FARM and commenting! and congrats on your little babe! trust me...it'll get so much easier and the sleepless nights will be but a distant memory...promise!

  2. Hey Stephanie! Tthanks so much for your comment, you came up as no reply blogger and I just wanted to let you know. New follower here too now!

  3. All the way from australia following your blog". Puts a bright spot in my week

    Auntie heather