Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines Day - Inspiration

Valentines Day is only 3 days away and Im so excited! This is the first V-Day that Nicholas and I are not only spending together as a married couple, but the first one all together!  Last year he was away for work - so this year, I definitely want to make the most of it!  Im hoping Sophie will sleep all day and all night, so we can be as romantic and cuddly as we want, without being interrupted for as long as possible.

I told my husband Ill take care of the meals, and he can bring the wine and have the romantic movie/vinyl picked out.  Since it's our first one at home - I totally want to bring out my inner housewife and cook some amazing meals that he will brag about to his coworkers come Monday. 

Breakfast/Brunch - Sweet potato and feta hash, baked avocados with smoked salmon & eggs - and of course our much needed coffee in bed.  I've never made either recipe, but both are super easy on pinterest - so I'm hoping they taste as amazing as they look.

Dinner - Cheese & Fruit plate, seared Scallops & Prawns over a marinated fennel cucumber & grapefruit salad, and macaroons to finish.  I just LOVE a good cheese plate.  Cheese is my chocolate, and I could eat it everyday (I probably do eat it everyday). I love making cheese plates, so Ill definitely have fun putting together a cute one for Saturday.  I'm also looking forward to the scallop & prawn salad.  It looks super light, so it will be a perfect balance with the cheese plate.  And who doesn't love macaroons!  The perfect bite size treat of heaven :)
I hope all of you lovelies have an amazing Valentines Day!  And if you're single, I hope you spoil yourself rotten :)


  1. Oh wow you have quite the spread planned for v-day!!! Hope you have a wonderful celebration! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Baked avocados with smoked salmon and eggs? You're trying to give my salmon Bennie a run for its money! I definitely want to hear how those turn out! Also - I don't think you're bringing out your inner housewife... more like your inner gourmet chef.

  3. My mouth is watering just looking at these pics! Enjoy your first married V Day!!!

  4. Yummy! Mmm...cheese! You're such a good wife! :)