Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weekly Recap & Polyvore!!

Good Morning World!
Sophia has an obsession for trying to taste new things.  Like her sweaters.  She is sucking on her hands as I type this - but hey at least she's content in her favorite fun chair, while I bake tart cherry & apricot muffins in the oven :)

She's definitely a daddy's girl as she gets full of big smiles as soon as he comes home from work, and her bright eyes just light up with love :)

Daddy also got himself a new member to his collection - a Ruger 1911.

And I discovered polyvore!!!  I'm seriously like website/ap oblivious it seems - as I just found out about this.  I'm so glad I finally found a place I an create boards though! My first board I created is for my summer travel style inspiration.  I'm sooo looking forward to when Nicholas & I get away for our 1 year wedding anniversary vacation.  Although we haven't decided where we will be going exactly, it will be somewhere warm, with infinity pools, an ocean at our doorsteps, with all inclusive service.

I'm pretty sure my wardrobe for summer will consist of high waisted shorts in fun colors, with light sleeveless tanks, ray bans and a fedora, and of course super comfortable flats and flip flops.  I'm obsessed with these ombre Toms!  I'm also kind of obsessed with pin up style swimsuits at the moment.  Of course since it will be our anniversary, Ill need to pack a few dresses for our sunset beach dinner dates too :)

I'm definitely excited to discover Polyvore, and cant wait to make more boards for future inspirations!  In case you use it too - you can find me here.


  1. I can't even focus on anything in this post because Sophia is so darn precious!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Love that royal colored dress and Sophia is too stinkin cute!

  3. Love the new gun! We have a Ruger too! Don't worry, I've never even been on Polyvore yet. I keep hearing about it though! The blue is gorgeous!

    1. Nice! I told Nick he needed one of those real manly Clint Eastwood looking ones, since all of his others look so military like, and he got this one :) Its my fave in his collection!

  4. Sophia is BEAUTIFUL!!
    My daughter is also a mix of white & black... and just the cutest.


    ♥♥♥ xo,
    All the Cute
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  5. Baby is gorgeous! My husband would be so jealous of your husband's new "toy." So have to show him this. Again, your baby. . .. gorgeous. Started following you on bloglovin.