Thursday, April 2, 2015

Currently Thursday

And Its the long weekend!!  Ive never done one of these currently posts, yet Ive seen them everywhere.  I think I might just try to make a weekly habit of them :)

feeling//sleepy.  Its 10:30am and if only Sophie wanted to nap just a little longer, momma wouldn't need 2 cups coffee.

drinking//lemon water and breakfast blend coffee, creamed with French vanilla.  My Tassimo is instant caffeine goodness, and my morning best friend.  No clean up required, and coffee in less than a minute.

wearing// pastels and white.  Its springtime baby!!

watching// Days of Our Lives.  Yes that's my I'm a housewife show.  I've actually been watching it for 20 years now, since I was in grade 5.  I was in a grade 5/6 split class and all the grade 6 girls compared themselves and their boyfriends to show characters and if you wanted to be a cool grade 5, you had to watch it too.  And also wear Club Monaco sweaters.

reading// This little piggy.  It has a little piggy that pops through the 5 or 6 pages that your finger controls and Sophia absolutely loves when the piggy goes WEEEEE WEEE WEEEEEEE.  On a grownup level, Its all about National Geographic and Mens GQ.  An odd match, but I'm obsessed with dapper mens fashion and exotic off beat travel photos.

eating// a whole cucumber with siracha sauce.  and dried apricots.

craving//Lemongrass chicken pho loaded with broccoli and carrots and basil and lime and siracha and hoison.  I'm always craving this.  Also I have some sangria I made yesterday with rose wine, blackberry cider, elderflower sparkling water, fresh papaya and guava.  Once Its happy hour, and my workout is done, I'm definitely pouring a glass.

thinking//If Sophie and I should go do some shopping today since I found out my favorite store has a family change room that I can wheel the stroller into!  Plus I need some new west coast inspired picture frames and spring throw pillows, and a clock for Sophies room.  I have an obsession with abstract wall clocks going in every room.

loving//The fact that I feel comfortable to run errands with Sophie now, and I can shop again!

listening//to my own voice as I rock Sophie in her fun chair singing This Little Light Of Mine - except I change the words to This Little Sophie Of Mine.

looking up//That its already April, which means its just a matter of time before Sophie and I spend our days at the beach!

anticipating// The tulip festival in Agassiz.  We have never been, but I'm super excited to go this weekend, and it will be our first semi road trip outing with Sophie :)

trying//to decide what other things Nicholas, Sophie & I can do this weekend on our road trip day.  Maybe we might stop at the waterfalls on the way, or walk around one of the lakes on the drive.

needing//a night with 8 hours uninterrupted sleep.  And a big Costco haul.  I need cheese!!

laughing//at Sophie trying to shove both her pacifier and 3 fingers in her mouth at the same time and wondering why it doesn't work.  Babygirl you can only have one at a time!

thankful for//a beautiful, happy, healthy daughter and an amazing husband who makes me feel so loved everyday and never says no when I ask for a backrub.  And also thankful that I have a wine consignment store beside our condo.  They sell all BC VQA wines that vineyards wants to move.  Who doesn't love when every single wine bottle is always on sale :)


  1. That's great that you feel that you can finally go out and about again! Freedom! It's scary leaving the house for the first, second, third...even 20th time alone with a little one. ...and YAY for shopping!

  2. Pastels and white?! Girl, you get me:) That's my favorite combination. I love National Geo too, but I avoid reading them sometimes because the itch to travel gets to intense for my bank account. And, that sangria? Sounds absolutely delicious! Have fun this weekend at the festival. I can't wait to hear (And see) all about it!

  3. I totally dig the format of this post! You have inspired me to eat a cucumber with sriracha this afternoon. Also, I think I was in fifth grade when I first saw Days of Our Lives too! It was during a winter vacation and I thought it seemed like the fanciest grown-up thing I'd ever seen. One of these days I'll have to revisit! :)