Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekending - Beachside

Its starting to feel a lot like summer around here :)
Now that our Hawaii vacay is in the works, I have been on a whole new healthy lifestyle agenda.  Well, Ive always been - but the fact that we will be in Maui in 5 months has upd my daily BeachBody workouts.  Last week, I worked out solid every day - and ate a lot (just a lot of salads) and salmon, but hardly any white carbs or meat.  I feel so much more energized, and motivated for a toned body for our vacation.  From Monday - Friday last week, I lost 3 lbs!  Its definitely a rewarding feeling, and Im already seeing results from these intense crunch workouts.  I even managed to eat a poutine on Saturday, and the biggest ice cream cone yesterday and still keep it off. Yay for hard work, and still remembering to enjoy life.
The Smallsens kicking it at Barnett
This weekend, was all about some beachside fun.  Saturday, we headed over to Barnett Marine Park for a little family picnic and stroll.  This place is extra special, as its where Nicholas and I had our first date, and also where Nicholas proposed.  It was such a blessing to bring Sophie there, as this was her first time visiting the ocean, and we will always remember it was at Barnett.  Even though the sun was shining, it got full on windy after a few hours, so we headed over to Lafarge Lake where we watched some peewee baseball and soccer, and strolled around the lake.  Sophie slept the entire time, so it was more like a mommy and daddy date with a stroller.

Come Sunday - we headed over to Harrison Hot Springs!  This mother nature beauty is only a 60 min drive away from us, and was the perfect destination for a relaxing day on the water.  This was our first time applying sunscreen to Sophie, and I'm glad her sunscreen is water resistant.  She is always wanting to eat her hands, and with the amount of drool on those fingers once they submerge from her mouth, I'm glad they are still sun protected.

My selfie stick doesn't have the best resolution :( but atleast we scored a family pic even if Sophie looks whiter then mama
Sophie was full of smiles and absolutely loved her first visit to Harrison, and was awake the entire day.  Nicholas had fun showing her the water.  We didn't actually put her feet in it as it was still quite cold, but she definitely loved being teased above the water.

Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend too! 


  1. Looks like you guys were able to spend some quality time outdoors - which is so amazing! Congrats on the great work you're doing eating healthy and working out!! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. Stephanie, your husband and daughter are so darn cute together. I love seeing fathers involved with their children. You can so see the joy on his face! Glad to hear about your working out schedule. It is one more thing we have to squeeze into our day, but so worth it. As a new mom, I encourage you to keep it up-it does wonders for not only your body, but your spirits. Those endorphins!!! Also, do you know I've been looking for that new beer in your last post all weekend. My husband so wants to try it. Have one more craft beer store here in Charlotte to check out.

  3. Your weekend sounds wonderful! And it looks like you may have a future mermaid on your hands :)

  4. I'm glad y'all was able to enjoy the weekend. We don't have too many places like where you went to here in Birmingham, but it was still a nice sunny day(for some part of the day).

  5. GEEZE you guys are cute! Good for you on getting healthy and feeling good. You look pretty gorgeous in these pics already, and I'm sure the confidence you're getting from making great choices for your body will only keep making you glow more and more. :)


  6. That's awesome on losing 3 pounds. Harrison looks great!

  7. Sophie is soo stinkin cute in those photos. Jealous of your upcoming Hawaii vacay AND that you lost 3 lbs in a week...yes please!!!

  8. Sounds like it was quite the wonderful weekend!!! I'm pretty jealous!!! <3

  9. You always have the most beautiful photos! Great job on the healthy living. It is amazing what a change of diet and exercise can do for your energy! Keep up all the positivity-it is so catchy :)