Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekending - First Fathers Day!

This Sunday - June 21,  not only represents the first day of summer, but also our first fathers day celebration - and the 1 year mark since Nicholas proposed to me.  I might add that he proposed at the exact same spot where we celebrated our first fathers day today :)


Nothing beats this daddy-daughter duo.  The love they have for each other is just so precious.

So, as far as fathers day gifts go - I spent many moments researching first fathers day gift ideas - but they didn't feel right for me.  There were some amazing ideas, but I wanted to get Nicholas something he will actually use - so I made a gift basket of a "first fathers day survival kit."  Enclosed was his favorite Starbucks drink, and some coffee to French Press for those mornings that Sophie shows her love by waking up extra early.  I also included a VQA Therapy vineyard Port, and some Organic Cashews, for those days where daddy really wants a drink from all the Sophie excitement.  Lastly, I included some new Polo muscle tees, and DKNY denim shorts.  I mentioned to Nick, that they are for the days that Sophie might spit up and he needs a new outfit, but actually it's because he's just so fine and I think he can rock Polo tees way better than Tyson Beckford did 20 years back :) #firstcrush

After opening up all the excitement, and making some Hawaii coffee - we headed over to our fave local Oceanside spot, and made use of our new BBQ, cracked some wine, and snacked on the most perfect (mostly organic) picnic spread.  Summers are definitely meant for picnics.

Before I close this post, I'd like to make an honorable mention to my amazing 9-5 employer (even though I'm on mat leave) who held the most amazing family and friends summer bash on Saturday.  The sunny parkside day was filled with amazing people, BBQ catering, bouncy castles, face painting, clowns & caricatures.  So the Smallsens clearly had to get a drawing done.

Happy Fathers Day lovelies.  And bring on summer 2015!


  1. These photos absolutely warm my heart. Your family is so gorgeous and just beaming with joy and love. And I love your little makeshift gift basket! That's one of my favorite ways to celebrate someone I love. :)

    Happy Father's Day to all of you guys.

  2. aw, what adorable pictures! She looks like a very happy baby!!

  3. How special that you were able to go back to that same spot and yay for his first Father's day being so special! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Very creative basket and love the drawing of the three of you!

  5. Sophie sticking out her tongue while smiling is the cutest! Look out daddy - Sophie has you wrapped around her little finger!