Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Day 2
Since we explored the north east side of the island on day 1, we decided to explore the north west side of the island for day 2.  First, we indulged in our morning breakfast buffet.  Turkey sausages, turkey bacon, vegan eggplant lasagne, and fresh omelettes for the win.

Our morning beach explorations started in Kapalua.  We found a spot to pull over, and managed to hike our way down, where we found some smaller tide pools to explore, and some rocks to chill on.

After our Kapalua hangs, we headed over to Honokawai Beach Park, where we spent the remainder of the early afternoon body surfing the swells.  The pacific ocean was so warm, and I was so glad we got the opportunity to swim in it.
After our beach swims, we headed over to Maui Brewing Co. in Lahaina.  We sat at the ice bar, and tasted beers made out of sweet potatoes - and ate the most amazing pineapple brie, and habanero pineapple wings.  Hawaii definitely knows how to cook with pineapples.
Then we headed over to the outlets in Lahaina for our shopping fix.  We had so much fun picking out cute outfits for Sophie.
After shopping, and exploring Lahaina, we headed back to our hotel in time to watch the sun go down over Kaanapali.
We watched the most gorgeous sunset, and then spent the rest of the night hanging out in one of the waterfall pools.  That we had all to ourselves.
Day 3.
We checked out of Kaanapali, and headed over to the southern part of Maui.  Before heading out, we had our final breakfast buffet.
We definitely loved staying at the Kaanapali Beach Club (even if they didn't want to clean our room during our 3 night stay - and didn't seem impressed when we asked for more coffee refills for our room).  Seriously, Nick asked them why they hadn't cleaned our room after the 2nd morning - and they replied with, oh you don't need it.  It's like yes, yes we do.  We need clean towels and more coffee.  I would be alright with them not making our bed and such, but after endless salt water and fresh water swims, and coming home with mud covered bodies from our explorations, we needed new towels.
Apparently this was a time shared resort, and they left us all kinds of correspondence to watch presentations for free vacations, but we weren't interested.  This was our one year wedding anniversary, and we didn't want to waste any of our precious time.  So off to Wailea we went!

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