Sunday, December 21, 2014

1 week with Sophia

1 week ago, our first child was born.  I've learned so much this past week, and truly feel blessed.
I've learned so much about my daughter already, her habits and her traits.

I've learned all she wants is to sleep during the day, and find a boob when awake.  Literally, I think she has like breast radar, because as soon as she is on anyone, she is squirming to get into position to find their boob and suck - even on daddy.  My breasts cant keep up with her demands, so she gets the bottle by day - and boobs by night.  Then she ends up in her milk coma/baby itis.

I've also learned where she likes to sleep and what time I can expect her to take long naps.

Right now she has 2 official sleeping areas.  Her crib in her room (which she might take a slight nap on during the day) and also where we currently switch her outfits.  She also has her bassinet in our bedroom (which she probably hates as she never wants to sleep more than 10 minutes at a time in there).  Right now, I can depend on her to take her first 3 hour nap after daddy leaves for work in the morning (on his side of the bed), and also one later in the afternoon before daddy gets home (probably after consuming a major bottle feed) and lastly around 5 or 6pm (which works out nice so mommy & daddy can eat dinner & have cuddle/movie time together).  Aside from sleeping on mommy or daddy, she really only will fall asleep for a long portion on our bed, or on our sectional.

Her umbilical cord also fell off today (it was clamped) so I'm sure she will be much happier now - and comfy when having tummy time.

I find I have no problem at all with my day to day routine, and have plenty of time to cook, clean & all that other stepford housewife type stuff.  The only thing I haven't done yet, is take Sophia out running errands/shopping.  I'm still kind of scared to do that - but hopefully Ill overcome it in a few weeks - as I know I will need my shopping fix & shopping online just doesn't cut it.  I've had a lot of offers from friends and family to stop by & help out, but I actually prefer all the alone time I get with Sophia, & to establish our routine & not get caught up with visitors (although she will be getting her fix of people as we celebrate all our Christmas festivities in the upcoming days).

Right now, aside from everything related to Nick & Sophie - the highlight of my day is taking a longgggg shower (and the fact that I have no belly any more & can actually see my body & move properly again).  I'm also loving the fact I have lost practically all of my pregnancy weight (just have to tone down my tummy now).  As weird as it sounds, I feel like my ass has got smaller since I have had Sophie.  I never thought that's where I would notice a difference, but Ill go with it.  Its nice being able to wear all my regular clothes again :)  I also had my first glass of wine with Nicholas.  9 months later with one of my favorite BC vineyards - Dirty Laundry.

It's only a few days to Christmas - & I hope everyone reading this has a very blessed holiday season.

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful baby. She is gorgeous !