Monday, December 22, 2014


Throughout my entire pregnancy I missed 3 things (aside from not being able to wear the shoes I want, shave quickly & do my toes easily).  I didn't even miss wine or sangria all summer; but I did miss sashimi, oysters and ceviche.  Everyone kept asking me what the first thing I would do after having Sophia would be - and I was like eat sushi!  Well 8 days later - Hello Sushi!

My mom is in town visiting for 2 more weeks, so she stopped by today to visit Sophie & have sushi with me.  We have this little hole in the wall place we used to frequent when my mom lived here - so my mom stopped by and brought our faves.  My fave - spicy wild salmon/tuna sashimi and my moms fave - mango prawn california roll.  Now I just need my oyster & ceviche fix and I'm all set :)

Sophie is 8 days old now, & has been napping all day - probably means she will keep mommy up all night!

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