Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Fab Five

Hey lovelies!  It's my second fab Friday post!  Living in Vancouver, we are lucky to get so many awesome artists that pass through each year and I'm starting to get hyped up with some performers coming this year!  With that being said - here are my 5 favorite artists that Nicholas and I watched live last year.

1. - Lionel Richie.  Lionel Richie is seriously like one of our favorite artists - ever.  So in early 2014 before Lionel even announced his tour dates, I was tweeting him ridiculously to come on tour to Vancouver so Nicholas & I can see him.  And then BAM Lionel announces his tour and his first stop is Vancitayyyyy!  So obviously we were going and got 8th row floor seats center stage.  He performed all his greatest hits all night long - and obviously he performed amaze balls since it was his first stop and had so much hype.  Highlight - was Nicholas and I slow dancing to Say You Say Me, while Mr. Richie looked right at us and sang.  Like, Ill just pretend that was our wedding & consider that our first dance forever.

2. Arctic Monkeys.  Alex Turner is so damn sexy.  He has that rock and roll sexy, and that voice.  DAMN!  I seriously could listen to Do I Wanna Know all day.  We saw these guys at Squamish Fest and it was epic.

3. Broken Bells.  Another band we saw perform at Squamish Fest that Im absolutely obsessed with.  I could listen to The High Road, The Remains of Rock & Roll or Leave it Alone all day long.  Highlight - they released about 10 massive pink balls into the crowd that everyone was smacking around throughout the concert.  So fun.

4. Bruno Mars.  Love this guy.  Love his style, his swag, his old school meets new school meets MJ kinda thang.  Saw him at Squamish Fest on opening night and dude performed longer here than he did at a solo concert he had next day in Washington.  That's how amazing Squamish Fest was this year.  Highlight - as much as Id say it was Nicholas banging on his sexy body during Gorilla, it was actually when Bruno Mars starting performing Marry You, and this guy right beside me got down and proposed to his girlfriend while singing her the song.  It was so sweet & amazing to witness.

5. Nas.  Nas came to Squamish Fest too on opening night (okay I seriously went to many other concerts in 2014, just Squamish was above anything else other than Lionel).  He performed his album Illmatic from back in the day and killed it obviously.  Highlight - hearing It Aint Hard to Tell (just cause I love Human Nature from Michael Jackson)

So I did my top 5 artists I saw in 2014, but I must say it was so hard to not include Serena Ryder and The Roots as they also put on an amazing show when we saw them.  Let me know if there's any concerts I should be on the lookout for this year :)


  1. This post has me itching to go to a concert!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. That's awesome that you get to see so many concerts!! One of my best friends went to UBC and she was always going to shows. Sounds like such a fun city to live in :)

  3. So great that you got to see so many awesome artists in one year! I'm particularly jealous that you saw Bruno Mars...he is such an excellent performer!

    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog! I'm loving yours and am a new follower! YAY! You're so lucky you have so many entertainment options where you live! I get excited when a car passes by my house! LOL! Lionel and Bruno would've been ahhh-mazing to see! Have a great weekend! :) -Marie :)

  5. I would love to see Lionel!! Just to hear Hello live would be perfection!! You saw a lot of amazing shows in 2014!!

  6. I've never been to a concert in ages! Now I have to make plans this year :)

    By the way, I am giving away $25 gift card to The Mint Julep Boutique! I’d love if you can send your entries!

    Life in the Fash Lane

  7. You guys totally had an awesome year! Lionel him! I'd love to see Bruno Mars. And don't' get me started on Nas and The Roots! Awesome!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings