Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mommy Must Have - Mondo Pillow

Aren't her eyes just gorgeous!  If you are a new mom like me, you probably dream all morning long about what you can accomplish when your baby is napping.  Like, when will you get to shower and wash all that spit up boob milk off of you, or make coffee or prep dinner... or even blog.

I think about this ALOT (mostly the shower part) - as when babygirl is awake, she is a mystery.  There's times where I can let her do her thang for like an hour awake.  She is completely fine laying by herself, with out me having to hold her or give her attention.  Then there's those times where I cant put her down for 30 seconds or she will get fussy.  So hence, I long for the times throughout the day where I know she will nap, as I know for sure I can get stuff done (or take showers without worrying if she's balling her eyes out).

However - I just discovered the most amazing thing that has kept her happy all week where mommy can leave her side for 5 minutes and not have to worry (because she loves it THAT much).  While I was pregnant, we purchased this comfort & harmony mondo pillow that's supposed to be used to help with breastfeeding comfort.  I noticed it in her closet the other day when I was removing her newborn clothes and adding the 3-6 month outfits.  Yes she is too tall for newborn clothes now! but back to the pillow.  So I brought it out to our sectional, and remembered that it could be used for tummy time.  She's too small to use it for tummy time right now, but it sure makes the best lounge for her.

I can sit her in this, and not have to worry about her rolling away & at the same time she feels like she is being swaddled since she has that extra comfort from the pillow.  If you're a new mom, this is like next best thing to a pacifier for your mini me.  I've used it all week & its helped so much.  Hopefully she will keep loving it as much as mommy loves hot showers!

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