Thursday, March 26, 2015

First Playdate, Vinyl and Sweet 16

Hello lovelies.  I feel so incredibly refreshed and energized this morning.  This past week we have increased the amount we feed Sophie in her bottles from 60ml to 100 ml and boy is it working!  Last night she slept from 10pm to 5am!  And then once I fed her, she went back to bed til 930am.  I'm definitely one happy momma today!

We played for a bit earlier - practiced her sitting up skills, and now she's out cold napping in her fun chair with Mr Owl.  Works out perfectly for me as now I can catch up and blog while Fleetwood Mac spins.

I have a thing for putting atleast one record on a day.  Love is the music of the soul, and vinyl is the music to my ears.  Yesterday, Sophie and I danced away to some Jazz.  I love my classic albums.

Sophie also had her first baby encounter!  My girlfriend Aileen has a daughter who is 3 months older than Sophie.  Kaleah and Sophie had their full on baby gaga together - you know, that 'Look Who's Talking' type of babytalk.  They are going to be best friends, they just don't know it yet.
So tonight the Sweet 16 starts!  Road to the final four baby!  I'm sure everyone's bracket is pretty messed up - but my final four is still intact as of right now with Kentucky, Xavier, Louisville and Duke.
So lets talk about the Sweet 16 happening tonight and tomorrow.
UK vs WVU.  I predicted these 2 actually, and I know a lot of people thought Maryland would be there over WVU.  Sometimes you gotta just roll with your gut, and I believe WVU has better coaching - so went with my underdog.  However, I have UK to advance with this one.
ND vs Wich.  I had neither of these.  I was hoping for Butler and Kansas, but that clearly failed.  Who ever passes this one will end up losing to UK next round hopefully - but if I have to pick one for this match up, Id go with Wich.  I'm just not a fan of ND.
NCST vs Lou.  Clearly Louisville is my choice as I have them going to the final four.  Don't let me down Pitino!  I actually thought it was going to be Villanova playing them though.
OKL vs MSU.  This is another matchup I predicted.  MSU always seems to pull through, and even as a major underdog - I have them taking this one and moving on to play Louisville.
WIS vs UNC.  I also had this one correct, but I'm sure a lot of people did as their were no Cinderella story here.  I have WIS to advance.
XAV vs ARIZ.  Another prediction I got correct to meet this round.  Even with the whole Baylor mess up, I had Xavier to take them out.  Xavier is one of those underdog teams I always cheer for - and I have them to take out ARIZ and meet WIS next round.
DUKE vs UTAH.  I thought it would be Duke playing them Hoyas, but its not.  Either way - its Duke Nation over here and Duke will clearly be taking this one.
UCLA vs GONZ.  I'm seriously looking forward to this game.  I honestly thought it would be SMU playing Gonzaga during bracket selection - but I'm glad its UCLA.  Clearly I didn't have enough faith in the Bruins this season.  I have Gonzaga to move forward and meet Duke next round.
Well there you have it 11/16 teams I got correct to make it this for.  Cant wait for a great weekend of ball.


  1. How sweet! Baby's first play date! Love your record player..I'm actually in the market for one right now!

  2. I've been thinking about getting a record player. I always remembered how my dad used to have one when I was younger.

  3. Fleetwood Mac has always been one of my faves, and that Sophie is always looking like such a little cutie!