Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekending - NCAA style

Hello Monday!  So, its like that one time of year where I will be glued to my sofa for hours at a time.  March Madness is my sports of all sports and I've been an avid Duke fan for as long as I can remember.  Shane Battier, Carlos Boozer, Grant Hill, JJ Reddick - those have always been my boys.  Well this is a new year, a new team (except with Plumlee - Duke loves their Plumlees).  Coach K is amazingly talented, and that's why I fell in love with Duke many years ago.
So my homie Marcus in Cali created this group to track our scores so I could seek revenge on my Superbowl loss.  If I beat him in points, Sophia is getting some goodies from Cali.  Right now my bracket is looking pretty good as I'm in 1st place as we go into the sweet 16, and I'm 80 points ahead of Marcus.  Who knew a Canadian girl has better ball steez than fellas that actually attended these schools.

Of course every good sports game needs game day food - so I've been making these bad boys on repeat.  We made these 3 mini pizzas originally on Thursday night, and then replicated them exactly again on Saturday because they were so damn good!  What I love about mini pizzas is they are more fun to make than one larger one, as it gives you a chance to switch it up and try a few different ones.
Kale sauce with chicken, cheddar, artichokes, capers, feta and crushed chilies.
Tomato sauce with chicken, cheddar, pineapple, sautéed red onions, hoisin sauce and crushed chilies.
Siracha & bleu cheese sauce with chicken, cheddar, corn and wilted kale.
All of them were amazing - and I'm sure we will have many more homemade pizza nights soon :)

So another thing that happened this weekend was my car battery died!  I'm just so glad that it was on the weekend when Nicholas was home, and not like right before a Dr appointment or something.  I had left my GPS plugged in, and also hadn't driven it in a week... but luckily Nicholas was able to jumpstart it, and now its back to normal :)
So I thanked him with craft beer.

Our local news that I sometimes watch in the mornings did a segment called "Whose fridge is it anyway" and featured my fridge :)  My fridge is actually really bare at the moment and I clearly need to go shopping - but figured Id share it on here too!  Its mostly filled with organic veggies - kale, spring mix, asparagus, brussel sprouts, zucchini, cucumber and mini tomatoes.  Sauces from around the world with the cook with or put on salads.  Sparkling waters, coffee creamer, wine and whiskey.  Organic eggs, feta, aged cheddar & margarine - cinnamon cream cheese for Nicholas bagel addiction and sea salted dark chocolate for me.  My freezer is even worse and only has frozen pineapple, cranberries and ice cubes.  I need poultry and seafood stat.
And of course what's a weekend wrap up without including Sophie - who turned 14 weeks this weekend!  Here's a shot I snapped of daddy playing Simba with her in the shower.  She just loves shower time so much :)


  1. Good Luck to you and your Blue Devils. BTW, you should see my fridge. More beer than I can believe.

  2. Those pizzas are amazing! I am drooling right now! That sucks that your car battery died but glad it is back to normal now! PS I seriously can not get over how adorable Sophie is...look at that face!!!!

  3. Those pizzas look great, and I love that your fridge was featured - so fun!