Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Fab Five - Spring Forward

Hello Darlings!  I literally forgot it was spring forward this weekend until twitter reminded me this morning.  Yay for an extra hour of sun!

1. Morning workouts.  Got me some new gear this week!   I kinda stretched out my other pants while pregnant, and needed some new ones - so purchased these gray ombre performance ones from Calvin. Super comfy!  Also got a new teal Adidas sports bra & mat for all my stretches/crunches/planks.

2. Drinking - Citrus Creations.  It may be the fact that springtime is about to commence, but I am obsessed with everything citrus in my liquids right now.  Detox waters throughout the day and of course a flavorful boozy concoction at night.  I discovered this sparkling grapefruit sangria on pinterest the other day and its calling my name.  Ill definitely be making this soon.  Also, lime & mint ice cubes.  Why did I not think of this sooner!  At least I discovered them before patio season :)

3. Eating - everything avocado & zucchini.  Zucchini ribbon salad is one of my go to salads when I'm looking to make something quick and delish.  Grate some zucchini slices, add some avocado and a little goat cheese or feta with some pine nuts, olive oil & seasoning and you're good to go.  I also saw these roasted zucchini parmesan sticks on pinterest that I'm definitely making this weekend.  And the best thing that caught my eye this week on pinterest are these mini key lime pies made with avocado.  Like seriously!!!  Key lime pie has got to be one of my fave desserts, and the fact that there is a healthier version out there made with avocados - sold!

4. Purchases.  I got a little bit of retail therapy this weekend - and these were my fave finds!  I picked up a few trays for those breakfast in bed (or Netflix snack night) kinda days.  I picked up this new bowl for our kitchen counter top to hold all of my fruit.  I'm absolutely loving the bright yellow and thatched pattern.  Lastly - my fave purchase has got to be this super cute headband for Sophie!  Its a little bit big on her, but I just love the colors.

5. Home Projects - Sophia's Room.  The 2 images on the left are currently what we have for wall décor in our little ones room.  There is still 1 empty wall that I've been meaning to decorate, so I've been looking on Etsy for some surf/beach décor to finish the job.  I'm thinking I might just get that cute little surfboard wall shelf/rack and the surf board growth chart decal!  Both are available in custom colors, so we will probably go with our current theme of light blue, white and maybe throw in a splash of a bright yellow or tangerine.
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Yay for extra sunshine! That fruit bowl is adorable and Miss. Sophie is adorable! Her room is adorable! :)

  2. Sparkling grapefruit sangria!? Uh, YUM. Sophia's room is too cute :)

  3. can't go wrong with avocado or zucchini!

  4. We drink much sangria in the summer months. Just looking at that screams - warm weather, patios, family and citrus! And that avocado key lime pie, interesting flavors together. Will have to look that one up. Enjoy a good workout in your new clothes. P.S. Sophie's headband - gorgeous pick!

  5. Those workout leggings are super cute. I'm looking for some just like that to match all my bright tops. Also, I love that big, bloomy headband. So cute whenever I see little girls rockin' them!

  6. sounds like you had a fantastic week! i love those workout pants. i need some new gear myself. it's always good motivation for some reason.
    and key lime anything...i'm sold!

  7. Avocado key lime pie? I'm in! And Surfgirl Sophie is looking so sweet!!!

  8. I'm gonna look for those avocado recipes. My wife loves her some avocado.