Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Throwback - One Year Ago

Oh Sophia, where has the time gone!  I feel like you are growing up so fast in the fact that you get so excited to sit up like a big girl beside momma.  And the fact that you can now play with your first toy, Sophie the Giraffe.

Last year around this time, our beautiful little Sophia was being created inside of me - although we didn't actually realize I was pregnant until the beginning of April.  So what was life like before Sophia?  Here are ten things that happened around this time last year.
1. We set off our love lantern at the Lunar Fest for CNY.  We both wrote wishes for our love, and set it off high in the sky.
2. We went shooting up on the mountain.  Our first time shooting in the snow!

3. We would pick up a new craft beers to try, and head over to false creek to our secret spot and chillax in the chilly sun.

4. We put up our love lock! And threw our keys in the waters of Vancouver.

5. We would go on our weekly Thai dates and devour our red curry duck and chilli prawns with grilled asparagus.
6. Nick became an official Canadian Citizen!

7.  We both travelled lots for work.  I was in Vegas, Columbus & San Antonio and Nicholas was in Banff and the Kootenays.
8. We would walk the seawall on sunny days.
9. We bought a juicer and I started making juices from scratch.  Like extra spicy kale & ginger Caesars.
10.  We completed our Dine out Vancouver passport with the Sequoia Group and got free vineyard passes for the 2014 season at Quails Gate.  But then we found out I was pregnant and never got to use them, however we had some amazing brunches with great views as a result.



  1. Sophie the giraffe, a favorite for both my grandchildren. Beautiful year for you! Food looks and sounds yummy!

  2. It was nice to see all the stuff you did before your lil girl was born. Hope to learn more about you and your family soon.