Sunday, April 12, 2015

Aloha Maui!

I'm so excited to announce that Nicholas and I are going to Hawaii for our 1 year wedding anniversary this September!  I have 5 months to plan an amazing romantic and adventurous vacation.

Days ago, I had no idea where we should go - but knew I needed to start planning.  I happened to stumble upon a Groupon deal for a beachfront getaway in Ka'anapali, Maui.  Hawaii had always been on my list of places to visit, and after a quick talk with Nicholas - we were sold!  The deal is a 3 night stay for 2 in an ocean view suite at Ka'anapali Beach Club for $619, normally $1,293.  Such a score!

 A view of the type of room I purchased - I think what sold it for me was the fact that its a corner balcony with 2 balcony entrances - 1 from our bedroom and 1 from the living room.  Hello morning coffees with that view!
We haven't decided yet if we will extend our vacation past 4 days, as it will be our first time away from Sophie (my moms coming in to town to babysit her, yay!) but if I find another amazing hotel deal for 1 or 2 nights, more than likely it will be 5 or 6 days in Maui.
So since I'm completely oblivious to Hawaii, and Maui specifically - I've spent the past few days googling and pinning activities we can do while there.  Also, I'm starting to make a list of ways to save - and ways to splurge. Since Nicholas and I plan on getting away every year on our wedding anniversary, we definitely want to make the most out of our time - and indulge just as much as we save.
Nicholas cant swim - so I haven't looked at too many water based activities, so the majority of what we will do will be land based.  I have no problem with that at all, as I've discovered so many amazing activities I know we will both enjoy that are both romantic and adventurous, and will let us explore Maui and all its glory.  Here's a few ideas of what I think our vacation will look at - with ways to save and splurge.
Splurge - rent a mustang convertible for our trip, rather than a typical compact car.
Save - drive along the Hana Highway (considered the drive of a lifetime by National Geographic).
Save - Stop at every beach, waterfall (and swim under a waterfall), bamboo forest and any other amazing lookout we encounter along the way.
 Some images of the drive along Hana Highway.  Hello top down convertible driving!

 The magical bamboo rainforest, and 2 of the many waterfalls along the way you can stop at and swim in.
Save - Wake up super early one morning and drive to the Haleakala mountain lookout to watch the sunrise (with some Kona coffee to keep us warm and awake).  Apparently this is one of the worlds best places to watch a sunrise.
Save - Watch a sunrise from our private balcony and also on the beach outside our condo while having breakfast on the beach.
Save - Watch a sunset on the beach outside our condo while drinking our own wine/beers
Splurge - Purchase the Lahaina sunset horseback riding tour for one night, and indulge in 3 hours of country/beach sunset bliss.

Sun chasing fun in Maui.
Save - Make use of our complimentary breakfast each day
Save - Visit a grocery store/farmers market and stock up on snacks and drinks to keep in the car for lunches on the go!
Save - Plan our meals around happy hours!  Late lunches or late dinners with the best drink and food specials
Splurge - For our last night in Hawaii indulge in a private romantic beach side dinner
 The Hula Grill is just steps from our condo and has Aloha Hour with $3 & $4 drink and food specials, and a pretty awesome beach patio.  There are also many companies you can book to plan the ultimate romantic beach side meal.

Let the Vacation planning and booking commence - and an extra special thank you to my mom for watching Sophie and allowing Nicholas and I to get away :)


  1. You will have all your readers drooling with jealousy! Nice work...hardest part...leaving baby girl.But, you do have five months to prepare.

  2. Ahh!! I am SO jealous!! I went to Maui when I was in middle school, but honestly, I don't really remember much other than lovingggg shaved ice, ha! :) :)

  3. How exciting! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii but have yet to. I wish you can shove me in your suitcase....but that may take away from the romantic aspect of the trip lol

  4. It all looks just too beautiful and too wonderful!! I hope you guys have an incredible anniversary trip. I was JUST thinking about where to go for our anniversary too! You have some awesome save/splurge tips by the way!

  5. That sounds like it will be fun. I still can't wait till my wife and I go to Boston for our honeymoon.

  6. This all looks so great - it sounds like you're going to have the whole thing planned by tomorrow!

  7. Oh you are going to have the best time!! We honeymooned in Maui and it could not have been more perfect! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston