Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Joining in on the Four posts today :) 

FOUR nicknames
1. StreetStyleStef - 6 years ago when I joined twitter, they didn't have enough characters for StreetStyleSteph.  Since then, StreetStyleStef has been my nickname for practically anything social media.  As a result, many people think my name is Stef.
2. Smallsen.  That's a result of Nicholas and my last names combined.  We started calling ourselves the Smallsens shortly after we started dating (He was Small, and I was Sorensen), and even changed our last names on facebook to Smallsen.  To this day, the majority of our friends (and even family) think my last name is Smallsen.  About half on the mail/cards we receive from loved ones is usually addressed to the Smallsens.
3. Stephy/My Love/Babe - that's what Nicholas usually calls me.
4. Mom - a new one Im glad to have :)
FOUR jobs I've had. 
I think I knew at a young age my first job would involve water - since I was always on the beach or in the ocean.
1. Lifeguard/Aquasize instructor
2. Dental Assistant
3. Tradeshow Coordinator for a baby shoe company
4. Journalist for a Vancouver Social Media/Events company
FOUR movies I've watched more than once
My all time fave surf movie that's not a documentary.  I was ecstatic when Netflix added it so I can always watch it on repeat
1. Higher Learning
2. Dazed and Confused
3. Poetic Justice
4. Point Break
FOUR things in my purse.
I have a mommy diaper bag too - but this is my actual go-to which is more like a crossbody wallet that miraculously holds a lot.
1. iPhone
2. YSL babydoll kiss & blush. This is my go-to lipgloss.
3. Sample/travel size perfume
4. 2 Sets of keys.
FOUR books I would recommend
My fave spot in Vancouver to read a book for hours and hours.
1. The Rose That Grew From Concrete
2. Roots
3. The Sixteenth Round
4. Bossypants

FOUR cars I've owned
My Prelude aka my sexy silver bullet.
1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass 
2000 Honda Prelude
2001 PT Cruiser
2009 Honda Civic
FOUR places I've visited
Florence, OR - one of my fave places to rent an ATV and ride sands dunes until you get to isolated beaches (you can see in the distance) and spend the day on the surf.
1. California - Los Angeles/Malibu/Santa Monica/Venice, Huntington Beach/Newport Beach/Costa Mesa/Anaheim, San Francisco.  Notable visits - Compton Swap/The Block Skate Park/3rd Street Promenade
2. Atlanta, GA/Salt Lake City, UT/Vegas, NV/Cincinnati & Columbus OH/Hebron KY, San Antonio, TX - All for work.
3. Alaska & Yukon.  My mother and Uncle live in the Yukon close to the AK border.
4. Oregon Coast - the go to surf destination for weekend getaways.
FOUR places to visit on my bucket list
1. Santorini Greece
2. Belize
3. Maldives
4. Hawaii
FOUR of my favorite foods
Halibut with loads and loads of greens - I could eat this anyday
1. Asian - Lemongrass chicken pho with extra veggies.  Vietnamese prawn salad rolls.  Thai curry anything.  Spicy wild salmon sashimi
2. American - BBQ!!  Corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, chicken wings, halibut steaks - anything BBQ.
3. Latin - Nachos & Soft Tacos anyday.  And hot sauce, fresh salsas and avocados everyday.
4. Cheese plates.  If I see a cheese plate - I gots to have it!
FOUR television shows I watch
Game of Thrones
FOUR things I'm looking forward to in 2015
Our 1 year wedding anniversary vacation in September!
Christmas - as Sophie will be much more aware this year
Summer Road trips to random lakes and beaches as a family
Sophies firsts (first crawl/first steps/first words etc)


  1. Glad I got to know you a bit more. Yes, I thought your last name ws Smallsen too. Hahahaha

  2. Remember LakerChicc... or whatever it was when we first met?

    1. Haha yeah buddy - DLC, that's so high school lol. Like 12-15 years back.

  3. That's so cute about your last name haha! Hawaii is on my bucket list too...gotta get rid of this fear of flying first I suppose! ;) xx

  4. Dazed and Confused is a classic, love that movie! I still have yet to go to hawaii but you bet I'm going to try hard to get there! Happy Friday!