Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIY Alphabet Blocks

Who wants to learn how to make their own wooden blocks from scratch!  Well I did 2 days ago, and thanks to pinterest - I created my first mom DIY project.

This project all started with the fact that I have a prepaid Amex card that's about to expire at the end of this month, so I was looking at Etsy for things to use it on.  I stumbled upon kids alphabet blocks and was like, 'hey why don't I go buy all the ingredients at Michaels with my card and make them myself'.  And that's what I did.

(all items purchased from Michaels)
6x 2" wood cubes precut
White acrylic paint (to paint the blocks white)
Mod Podge (I used matte, but they also have pearl. This is your non-toxic water based sealer)
Scrapbook style paper for the blocks (I purchased 5 individual pieces that were metallic prints)
Stickers (I used flat aqua letters, and flat glittery hand & footprints)
Brush to paint the blocks with and use for glue

Step 1 - Take one of the blocks and trace the outside of it on the back of the paper you chose to use.  Make however many you need of these. (My paper actually came with a cardboard piece, so I did the outline on that and cut the cardboard piece as my stencil.  I also made the stencil about 4mm shorter length/height wise so that the white paint could be exposed)

Step 2 - Paint the blocks with your white acrylic paint (or any color you chose).  They dry faster than you think.  I painted mine 4 coats each side.  Then rinse brush.

Step 3 - Apply a coat of the mod podge to all surfaces of your squares - let dry.  Also dries fairly fast.

Step 4 - When you have your paper cut outs ready, brush the back of the paper and also the square surface you are using and press on (use your finger to smooth it out). Then apply another coat of modge podge to cover the entire surface

Step 5 - Once all of the blocks have paper on them (coated in modge podge), you can now add any stickers you would like (keep in mind its best to use flat stickers as you will add another coat of modge podge over top.  You can always use 3D stickers or embellishments if these blocks are just for décor and wont actually be played with).

Step 6 - If you used flat stickers, apply a final coat of modge podge over top of the sticker surface.

You're Done!  Modge Podge is a water based non-toxic sealer (so your baby can try to eat the cube all they want and you wont have to worry).

Although Sophia is too young to use those blocks, I'm already thinking of making other ones with themes - like different seasons with seasonal colors and stickers.  I cant wait to use these to help her spell and pair images :)

And I leave you with a few pictures of her from this week.


  1. That is such a fun DIY!!! Thanks for the inspiration and of course the daily does of cuteness!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. yay for your first mothers day!!! How exciting!! =)

  3. Those blocks are so great! And you're clearly a talented artist, because they do not look like a craft project. Hmm. I need to find a friend with a baby so I can make these!