Thursday, April 30, 2015

Friday Fab Five - Hello May!

Its Friday link up time!  Linking up with Amanda and Karli.  This Friday Fab 5 post is all about 5 things I'm looking forward to this May.

1. CINCO DE MAYO!  We decided to have a few friends over to visit Sophie this Sunday for a pre Cinco De Mayo celebration.  Last year I was pregnant, so I missed out on the boozy and ceviche fun - so this year I'm making up for lost time.  Below are some Pinterest inspired ideas I plan on making - all can be found on my pinterest page incase you want recipes.

 Spanish Sangria/Watermelon & Lime Margarita Popsicles
Shrimp Tacos/Ceviche Cups/Mexican Chili Fudge Bites/Cowboy Caviar Cups/Layered Dip Cups
2. Family Visits to the States!  We applied for Sophies passport about a month ago, and they called earlier this week to confirm its on its way!  How I've missed visits to the outlets, Trader Joes and Seattle Public Market.  If Sophie is up for it, we will definitely venture over to The Crab Pot Seattle.  I've never been, and have always wanted a mallet/bib and abundance of seafood to smash and eat.
3. Mothers Day!  My first mothers day as a mother - so obviously looking forward to this.
4. I'm Going Back to School!  In Canada we get 1 year paid maternity leave - so I'm taking advantage of my time off and enrolled in a part time course for a diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media. It will be a great contribution to my already awesome resume :)
5. My Birthday!  Last year was my 30th birthday, and I arranged a brunch with my closest friends at Yew in Vancouver (my absolute fave resto ever) and booked their amazing private wine room.  I was 12 weeks pregnant then, and at my birthday brunch I announced my pregnancy.  It was truly a wonderful day, and I'm sure this one will be also - with champagne this time :)


  1. Any excuse to eat chips and salsa with margaritas.....I am down with that holiday! Thanks so much for linking up! Have a great weekend!

  2. I can't even concentrate with all that great food you just posted!! I need a margarita Popsicle in my life!! Happy Friday - xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I can't wait for Cinco de Mayo as well. Last I didn't do anything because I was working, so it should be fun.

    I didn't know you was turning 31 this year. You look like you would be turn 26(being honest).

  4. So excited for Cinco de Mayo!! Enjoy your extra celebrations to make up – you’ve got some great picks! I bet your SO looking forward to all those “little” States things – I’d be dying to get into a Target!

  5. All of those Cinco de Mayo recipes look so good. I really love the margarita pops. So many exciting things happening for you! Happy 1st mother's day & birthday!

  6. Mini ceviche cups? I might be running out for ingredients for a last-minute Cinco Ceviche cup!