Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekending - Quality over Quantity this Easter

Hello lovelies and Happy Easter!
It was incredibly nice to have a long weekend.  Even though everyday is my Saturday, Nicholas has been working 12 hour days the past few weeks, and some days even 6 days a week - so it was due time to have a weekend where we could shut off our phones, and make the most of our family time.
One thing about me, is I hate excess.  I hate clutter, I clean ALL the time, and even though I shop constantly, I only shop for what I need.  If its an impulse buy, I donate something in lieu.  So many, and I literally mean so many people keep offering to give me baby stuff.  Don't get me wrong, thanks for thinking of Sophie and myself, but being the fact that I'm such a minimalist, (and extremely picky), I'm having a hard time communicating the term - No.  No Sophia doesn't need 20 stuffed animals (She has Mr.Owl).  No Sophie doesn't need extra clothes (I buy way too much already).  No Sophie doesn't need an abundance of toys.  She cant even use them, and as I'm such a minimalist, I'm pretty sure she will take after her mom and be content with the few items she has.  I really appreciate everyone wanting to spoil Sophie, but I'm all about a few quality items, rather than an abundance of items she will forget.  I'm already thinking I need to give her like massive bubble baths to make use of the bath collection products we have starting to stock up.
With that being said, she has been such a big girl lately - and had such desires to want to sit up.  Since mommy cant always hold her when she wants (hello housewife/SAHM duties) and since she has full on control of her head, and had that skill for awhile, Nicholas and I decided for Easter we would get Sophie a Jolly Jumper!  Yay for something new to keep Sophie content while mommy cooks/cleans/blogs.  Aside from providing Sophie a million laughs and smiles as she discovers the art of standing and bouncing, it will help assist her in her posture, spine development and balance.  Happy baby, happy mom, happy life :)

Come Sunday, all 3 of us were up early (well I should say no extra naps since all 3 of us are always up early.) We hit the road for the Tulip Festival!  We planned to leave our place at 10am, but with a few stops on the way for coffee. breakfast. coffee. In that order of course because momma didn't get to sleep in and coffee is a must. on repeat.  We didn't hit Agassiz until 12ish with the 90 min drive.  We had no idea how crazy busy it would be (I guess everyone comes out on a sunny long weekend).  Since its run by locals, parking is VERY limited.  So limited, that it blocked up traffic on the 1 lane freeway to Agassiz (yes our freeways sometimes only have 1 lanes).  So when traffic gridlock was at a standstill, and we saw lots of cars turning around, we decided we should result to plan B - Bridal Falls.
Sophie had been so well behaved, and slept/smiled/observed the entire 2 hour car ride, and Bridal Falls was only a 15 minute detour so we made that happen instead.  And Sophie had her first waterfalls experience, and we had our first one as a family.  Too bad Raincouver Vancouver is calling for rain all weekend, or we would attempt the tulip festival again next weekend.  There's always next year :)

On a final note, I got one thing off my weekly to do list which was to get a clock for Sophie's room.  As I mentioned previously, I have an obsession with abstract clocks.  Below are a few of my faves we have throughout our condo.  And of course, a picture of my beautiful daughter who turned 16 weeks this Easter.


  1. Stephanie, I understand what you said about being a minimalist...I am exactly the same way. No clutter, only have items I actually use and enjoy, and don't give me any of your "stuff." You said it very well!! Okay. onto the clocks, love love the numbers one! I would so love that for my classroom. You live in Canada, I live in the states, so where did you get it?

    1. Hey Michelle! The first one is the one in Sophie's room too :). I purchased all my clocks at Home Sense. It's my fave home accent and decor shop. It's under the TJX umbrella, so I'm sure they have a US based equivalent too

  2. She's getting soooo big! She's such a happy, happy, happy baby. :) I agree about quality over quantity....I feel like I'm getting rid of toys, clothes, etc. and then I'm right back where I started. #neverendingbattle

  3. Aw, sorry you couldn't make it to the Tulip Festival! But, that waterfall is just stunning. I'm happy you and your family still got to enjoy your weekend. I know what you mean about hating clutter too. There is no reason humans need so much crap! When we moved we donated and threw out boxes upon boxes of useless junk or things we would never use. Those clocks, on the other hand, are awesome! Love the right two.

  4. Awesome clocks!! How sweet is your little girl! What a beautiful smile! Glad you guys had a good weekend! I know you had a good night the other night watching the game! ;)

  5. What a happy baby! Glad you all enjoyed your weekend!