Thursday, May 14, 2015

DIY - Yarn Monogram Letters

Hello darlings.  The sun is shining, my back is feeling much better - and for the past 6 days Sophie has slept 5-6 hours each night before waking up and then falling back for another 2-3 hours.  Life is good and I'm feeling so blessed - that I decided to tackle my second and third DIY project - Yarn Letters.  These were so much fun and beyond easy.  I actually think that these will become my new baby shower/birthday/house warming/Christmas presents for loved ones going forward.

Originally I was going to put one on Sophies door - and another above her crib, but once making the blue one, I thought it was a little too grown and sexy, so it made its way to our master bedroom door.  Hello sexy new blue ombre monogram letter.  Encase any of you lovelies want to make these too - here is what you need.  All items were purchased at Michaels.

Yarn - smaller thickness size.  I went with three colors each.
Wooden Monogram Letter - Michaels has diff sizes and thicknesses.  I went with a larger thinner size.
Super Clue/Crazy Glue - I used a clear one.  You could probably use a glue gun too.  This was to hold the embellishment's.  If you aren't adding any décor, you don't really need glue.
Embellishment's - I went with different ombre colored flowers.
Velcro - To adhere to the surface you are putting them on (wall/door)

They are honestly pretty easy.  At first I was like how am I going to make sure there is no wood exposed with all these curves and bumps - but the good thing about using a thin yarn is you can layer and layer and wrap and wrap.  Have fun with it, and if it doesn't work - just unwrap it a bit.  Its only yarn!

I also didn't use any glue to hold the thread - as I wrapped it pretty tight, and tucked in the lose ends - but feel free to use glue to hold it down.

So aside from being a greedy mom, and hogging the blue one for our room - I also made a more babygirl vibe monogram letter for Sophies door.  Again, I kept the ombre like feel, and made use of Martha Stewarts lovely embellishment flowers.  These things are fairly light, so you really don't need much Velcro to hold them up. 

Hope these have inspired you to do some crafts.  #momlife.


  1. Oh girl, I'm not a crafter - I buy what others make. You did good girl! I have to agree, love Sophie's more little girl like. So glad she is sleeping for you. It sucks when we need our sleep and they cry and of course being the good mothers we are, meet their needs. So happy she is finally finding her sleep routine then you can rest too. Okay, now link up to all those other crafters! You deserve it. Good work.

  2. i love this! i am a sucker for monograms of any type and thisturned out SO well! happy weekend!

  3. I've been wondering how you made these! I think I will have to try on this summer:)

  4. I LOVE THIS!! AndI think I'm going to make one to add to my burlap wreath! Maybe I'll hang the letter in the center. So beautiful, I can't wait to do one!

  5. I LOVE THIS!! AndI think I'm going to make one to add to my burlap wreath! Maybe I'll hang the letter in the center. So beautiful, I can't wait to do one!

  6. I absolutely love this! Looks like I have a new project on my hands!

  7. Love these!!! So fun, def adding to my to-make list!