Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekending - Jamaican Stylez

Hello lovelies.  And Hello May long weekend!  This weekend definitely felt like a family weekend for us, filled with good vibes and sunny days. 
Sophie is clearly ecstatic for her first Jamaican party.  Clearly.  

Although its only May, it feels a lot like summer in Vancity - and with the summer heat, comes the party invitations.  I've actually been pretty reluctant to bring Sophie to a party - but given that we are first time parents, we are bound to have those Are we ready for this? kinda moments.  My biggest concern when it comes to parties, is that Sophie could be exposed to smoke and drunken idiots falling over her.  Nick & I are non smokers, and none of our friends smoke.  And none are drunken idiots either - but that doesn't mean that there wont be any at a party.  However, we put our fears on hold and decided to seize the moment and bring Sophie to her first party - a Jamaican BBQ bash. 
This turned out to be an AMAZING day.  One of my besties, Meric just bought a new house - so it was kinda like a house warming party.  Merics place is always good vibes, so if we were gonna bring Sophie around a party, we might as well embrace half her heritage and show her what a Jamaican bash is like - but the family style one.  The kind that's filled with families, dominoes, DJs competing over a dancehall vs lovers mix up, and of course - Jamaican comfort food.  Oh - and no one was smoking! Holla.

I'm having so much fun I'll just eat my fingers now.
The rest of the weekend was filled with Costco hauls, baby stuff, and watching Fury.  As new parents who never go out to the movies - we kinda get excited when Shaw On Demand or Netflix releases new movies we really wanna see - and since Nick obsesses over anything Military - he couldn't wait to see this.
We ended our long weekend with some quality family time at one of our local parks.  I'm pretty sure I told Nick on our first date how much I looovvveee long walks on the beach.  Clearly, he paid attention - as our family is all about those long walks on the water.  Now time to watch the Bachelorette - and yes I'm team Kaitlyn.  Go Vancity!


  1. I looove your headband! ...and oh my goodness, little Sophie's face is adorable in that first picture! Sounds like you're having lots of fun! Enjoy your beautiful weather and please send some my way. ;) ;)

  2. Despite her face, I think Sophie had a great time at her first party! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Glad you guys had a good time at the party! Your family is too cute! Holla for team Kaitlyn! I guess we'll see what happens tonight!! xx

  4. such a cutie! i swear she had fun! hehe. I was on vacation for a week so I am slowly getting caught up with everyone! Elle Sees

  5. Congrats on conquering your fears about taking your little lady out. I know my sister is still getting past this too with her four month old as well. It's also so refreshing to see parents/married couples that still go out together and have fun :)