Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Fab 5 - June

1. Fave Purchase This Week - My Balcony Has Furniture!!!

We have lived in our condo for 9 months, however - we have had NO furniture what so ever on our patio.  What did we have - a fancy tropical tree from IKEA that seemed to die more and more each day.  A stack of studded winter Honda tires (no idea why as Vancouver gets like no snow).  An untouched charcoal BBQ (Nick and I cant BBQ), cases of water from Costco and Christmas lights running wild around my rail.  My balcony was in need of a serious makeover.  It seems like everyone and anyone had been working on their patio recently, and I was determined to start styling mine - especially with summer practically here.  So long dead IKEA tree, and hello new patio furniture!  Its starting to feel a lot more like summer on our balcony.  Ill definitely be spending many mornings sipping on coffee there with Sophie, or summer evenings with Nicholas with a tall glass of cold beer or wine.

2. Fave Local Beers.  Ones Dark, Ones Light - Both are strong.  Just the way I like them :)

3. Fave Story to Share - Sophies 3rd Diaper Explosion. **Warning - This Involves a Poo Story**

Sophie is just shy of 6 months now, and luckily to date, we have only had her diaper explode 3 times.  The first was at Christmas - at my aunts - where we learned the importance of packing extra clothes.  The second, I honestly don't remember.  This week, the third happened - and this one was epic.  It was just another regular morning - Sophie was in her Jolly Jumper, and momma was having her coffee and doing some school work.  Then, I started to hear the poo face groans.  Normally, she goes off and on for the course of a few mins before she's done - so I figured Id wait a few mins before getting up to change her diaper.  Fast forward 3 mins later.

So three minutes have passed, and I look up to see poo everywhere.  Down her legs, in between her baby toes, and all over the carpet (with Sophie just jumping all over it and mighty happy to be bouncing n her poo).  I didn't know what to do.  I knew I had to get her out of there asap - and try not to get poo anywhere else in the process.  I threw down a blanket and took off Sophies poo covered onesie and diaper - and carried her into the shower with me to get all that sticky poo off her legs and feet.  Its amazing what can happen in 3 minutes of time.

Once Sophie was cleaned off, and I got the laundry going - I then realized I need to scrub poo out of the carpet.  Scrubbing poo out of the carpet, was never on my #momlife mind.  Luckily, I have a Bissel Little Green Steam Machine - with carpet cleaner that removes pet stains.  Even though we have no pets - I was pretty sure that poo falls in the category of pet stains.  I quickly poured a whole lot of solution on the mess, and let it soak about 30 mins before scrubbing it out with the machine.

I'm glad to say my carpets are good as new, and the laundry came out with no stains.  The joys of momlife :)

4. Fave DIY I completed - Custom IKEA Picture Frames.

I have a whole lot of Ikea picture frames that have been hidden in my closet waiting to be recycled.  I just wasn't feeling the overwhelming amount of sun faded white in them.  However, I had been looking around everywhere for some fun picture frames to put up in Sophies room - filled with inspirational quotes.  I hadn't been able to find any in the color patterns I wanted - and then it hit me - I'll paint my own!  I just started this project yesterday, and I have 3 frames to do.  I cant wait to finish these!  Ill have the completed project up on the blog eventually too :)

5. Fave Moment with Sophie - Sophie's First Meal!

This was actually a toss up.  Sophie has slept 8-9 hours every night for the past week, and as much as I am so glad to have sleep again, feeding Sophie her first baby food was definitely my highlight with her this week.  Nick and I were going back and forth with when we should start feeding her, and since her high chair arrived in the mail this week - we decided why not.  Nicholas & I decided to feed her a mixture of mango and yams (which I pureed and made myself).  We harnessed Sophie in her high chair, and Nick attempted to feed her as I filmed.  She kind of took to it, and took about 3 spoonful's, but she gave us that look like what are you guys doing to me, this isn't milk.  We will gradually start introducing this to her, and try a new food every 5 days.  I'm already thinking avocado and peaches as her next mixture.  I think Ill be making her baby food from scratch, as that way I can ensure Sophie is eating as healthy as possible.


  1. Stephanie, that color is gorgeous and looks so inviting. I love sitting out on mine in the mornings. Some days, shhhh, I don't get out of my pajamas! Tea, iPad and the dogs running around out in the yard, perfect start of the day. I made all my own baby food too. Highly encourage you to do it. It is cheaper, fun and yes, you will know exactly what she is eating. I used a food processor and ice cube trays to freeze in the beginning until I figured out how much they would eat. I would put them in ziploc bags and date them till ready to use. You will have so much fun with it.

  2. If that isn't the cutest little face I just don't know anything. How precious is she?! Also- that poo story made me laugh out loud! Patio furniture looks great! Good luck on the rest of the frames! Can't wait to see the finished product! x

  3. Oh man, I feel for ya with that poo explosion! Don't we all deserve some sort of award for dealing with that kind of stuff?! LOL! I can't wait to see the picture frames all finished. :) ....and Yay for Sophie's first meal! :)

  4. I love that patio set. So colorful and summery. Sophie looks SO happy about the mango and yams! And, it's awesome that you made her food yourself...hopefully when I'm a mom I have the energy to do this too! Although I can barely muster the strength to butter my own toast most days (haha).