Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Recap - Birthdays Galore!

Hello Darlings!  I'm back!!  How can you not love BC with all its mother nature glory. This weekend, was all about pre summer fun.  Thank goodness for baby sunscreen and flowy hats, as Sophia is definitely a beach baby.

Saturday, about 15 of us went up to Harrison to celebrate my bday.  We secured a perfect spot that was mostly sun, but my brother gave me an amazing Oasis Sun Shelter from MEC - so Sophie would have shade no matter where we were.  This was also perfect as it protected Sophie (and our bags) from the crazy Harrison wind frenzy's.  It also prevents bugs and packs into the tiniest container, so thank you Bryan for my new found outdoors necessity.
We also unleashed my new kite!  Hello Sharknado 3.

Sunday, we attended Ruby's first birthday.  This was a plaid/gingham outdoor picnic, full of Raffi songs, and moms saying 'I really want to nap - but I'd much rather socialize with adults'.  Speaking of Raffi - I'm still singing Baby Beluga, and Three Little Ducks is not leaving my head.  This was our first baby party since having Sophie, so I absorbed and reflected on it way much more.  Sophies first birthday is in December, so I doubt we will be having a back yard picnic - but I'm already kinda planning it in my head :)  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


  1. Great kite! And happy birthday!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration and good thing the weather cooperated! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. how fun! and i need that tent!

  4. Where's the ice cream picture? Your kite looks like fun!

  5. Looks like you had some major fun!! I'm glad your birthday was a blast. That sun shelter looks epic. I could use one of those for my trips back home. Super cute party too! Is that a pie in that jar?! Happy birthday again!! x