Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekending - Heatwave

There's a heatwave going on in Vancity - and we are loving it!

It's been in the low 30's (which is the low 90's to my American buddies) - and it's expected to stay like that for the next few weeks.  This is the highest it's been since having Sophie, and we had no idea how she would handle it - but so far she's been pretty good.  We just make sure she's extra hydrated, keep a fan on her whenever we are in the house, and have increased her daily shower intakes.  She even has her bottles chilled - which she's loving too.

Our condo also has an outdoor pool - so this weekend, our life has been spent poolside.

When we took a break from swimming laps/playing in the water with Sophie - we chilled poolside in the shade.  We have the most amazing view of the city and Mt Baker in Washington from our backyard. 

Of course after an amazing water work out - a cold beer is a must.  Our fave local brewery just introduced another new fun summer beer, which was perfect after a swim.

And due to the heatwave, we are trying to reduce the amount of cooking we do in the kitchen.  I was really wanting paella, but I also didn't want to turn on my oven, so our BBQ was perfect to cook my organic chicken and sausage, and created an amazing BBQ taste to our paella.

Our BBQ also came in quite handy to cook some whiskey mustard chicken wings and veggie skewers.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend, filled with lots of sunshine and love :)


  1. Love paella! yours looks delish. I also love the family pics and glad that Sophie is doing well with the heat!

  2. Wow Stephanie, those recipes makes me hungry. Great job! She looks so cute in her swimming outfit!!!! Beat the heat!

  3. Visiting from A Cute Angle

    Sounds like a fun and yummy weekend, those two meals look so delicious. And your baby is just too cute. Wanna hear something crazy? Sophie is the name of our daughter too :)

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. A weekend spent at the pool is a weekend well spent in my book!

  5. Lucky you!! It's been low 70's here in Michigan:( Your little lady seems to be having a ball though! Her curls are amazing!

  6. Indeed, it's been unbearably temperate here in Michigan. I'm so envious that you're getting all the summer heat! Your gorgeous family looks so at home in the warm sun. I LOVE your sunglasses! :)