Thursday, July 9, 2015

Friday Fab 5 - Mom Life

Hello lovelies, I've been missing these Friday Link Ups - so glad to be back!  Let's play a little catch up with 5 things happening lately in my so called #momlife.
1. Mommy & Daughter time.  Normally I'm the one behind the lens capturing the precious moments, but Nicholas got this one of Sophie's first shoulder ride.  Clearly she was loving it, (and my hair).  This my friends, is why moms wear top knots on the regular.

2. Daddy Daughter Time.  I'm back behind the lens, and here I'm capturing swim lessons from daddy (she's yet to realize daddy can't swim).  Look at our little sea otter go :)

3. Supporting Local.  I was in Vancouver on Tuesday, so I stopped by one of my favorite Vancity companies - Earnest Ice Cream.  This place makes the most amazing vegan, gluten free ice cream in the city.  I had a scoop of Strawberry Basil - and a pint of London Fog to go (that Nicholas attacked at home).  So good!

3. Im a Sexy Mom?!  I happen to me in a moms group on facebook - and I recently got contacted and asked if I'd like to represent the hottest new moms that live in the neighboring cities of Vancouver.  This was pretty exciting, that people actually thought of me like that - and wanted me to represent on behalf of our city.  So I took a few swimsuit selfies, and then I was like - I have a new mom bod :(  I work out 5 days a week, with high intensity workouts - yet sometimes it seems like the results just aren't there.  Especially knowing I'm going to Maui in 2 months - and my body is far from beach ready in my eyes.  Why does cellulite have to be so stubborn!! However, I did just give birth a few months ago, and I'm so determined for results - I just can't lose focus.  In the meantime, despite those moments where I may question my beach bod - it's great to know that others think I'm one of the sexiest new mommas in the city.  Here I brave my current beach body (don't mind the horrible tan lines - apparently my sun block had expired and let me burn).

4. Sophie's first tooth is coming in!!! You may not be able to see much of it - but if you look closely, you can see her bottom tooth popping up.  Soon I will no longer have those precious toothless smile pictures.

5. Because Mommy Drinks.  And since Sophie has her first tooth coming it, she's a little fussier than usual.  Luckilly, she still sleeps through the night completely fine - but sometimes during the day/evening she's a little extra fussy.  So mommy found herself a new wine, that makes those fussy moments a little easier to deal with :)



  1. Loving that first picture with your daughter!! Also I need to find that wine ASAP!!

  2. Sophie is adorable! You look great & I love that polka dot swimsuit.

  3. You look great girl!!! Pregnancy is so hard on your body but it also gives you a wonderful "new" body too! Strut your stuff with pride! You are rockin those swimsuits!!! Gorgeous!


  4. Found you through the Friday Five link up. Girl, you look good! Rock that hot mom body! :)


  5. Wow that ice cream looks amazing. Love your swimsuits, you look great.

  6. You're rockin the suits Stephanie. You have more courage than most to pose. Also, the toothless smiles, oh they are replaced with little tiny teeth that are oh so cute, like this adorable little picture of her. Precious. Stop back during the week and read the awesome comments that are coming in on your Meet the Smallsens.

  7. You look amazing, and not just in that "for being a new mom" kind of way! Don't beat yourself up, lady. I'm not surprised you were contacted to represent the city-so cool:)