Thursday, July 30, 2015

Five on Friday - Goodbye July

Can you believe July is done!  That means I only have 4 months left of maternity leave, before returning to work :(  I feel like I've been so absent from the blogging world - so lets recap what's happening in my world lately :)

1. Winter Onederland.  Yes it's still July, and yes it was 34.5 degrees here today - but I seriously can't stop thinking about Sophia's first birthday.  Maybe it's because I'm an event planner, or maybe it's because I don't want to scramble last minute with all the party prep/baking/diy/invites last minute - but this momma is getting a head start on her birthday early.  Below is my inspiration!  Cake pops, snowflake cookies, macaroons, melted snowmen cupcakes, and an adult hot cocoa bar filled with all our fave liqueurs (and home made marshmallows)!  I cant wait for December :)

2. Daddy's Out Of Town.  For the first time since before we had Sophie, Nicholas had to go out of town for work.  It's been pretty hard on Sophie, But luckily he is back tomorrow as I know she misses her daddy.  We tried to facetime on the first day of his travels, but Sophie just ended up crying (since she could hear and see her daddy - but couldn't actually 'see' him).  It was so hard to watch.  We definitely cant wait to have daddy back - and Sophie can have her daddy cuddles again.

3. Mommy/Daughter Time.  Since daddy has been away, it's been extra hangouts for Sophia and I.  Sometimes, I forget to grab shots when we're out - so here's one we took for daddy this week.  Patio chills after a day of shopping and park strolls.  Yes I have an iPhone 4s where as Nick has an iPhone 5 & Galaxy Note 4.  Sometimes I realize the selfie cam really lacks clarity - so I'm definitely going to upgrade soon.  A quality selfie cam is definitely a must have!

4. Edibles.  My summer nights have revolved around cheese plates and wine.  So this is what I indulge in after a core workout.  Local cheese, wild smoked salmon nuggets, local organic fruits, organic crackers, organic local turkey/spinach farmers sausage, and everything in-between with some VQA Merlot.  Hello easy dinners.

5.  The Flash. You have a baby.  Everyone tells you how cute your baby is, and how they should get into acting.  So that's what we did.  A few days later, little Miss Sophie is part of the cast for season 2 of The Flash.  I've never seen this show and I 'had' no idea who was who.  My super hero knowledge was Thor, He-man, Hulk... but not the Flash.

We arrive on set at Vancouver Film Studios (we are considered Hollywood North) and I really had no idea where to go.  Once passing clearance, I was directed to a film lot - and then advised to head to a tent area to find my wrangler to escort us to our private trailer.  I was pushing my baby jogger, and Sophie was filled with spit bubbles of excitement.  So I strolled on down to the tent city - which had about 6 people.  I asked about the wrangler, and all these people wanted to do was come baby admire - and Sophie was more than happy to show off her spit bubbles and big smiles!

I had no idea this was the cast.  Like not even the extras - but the actual main cast.  It was pretty amazing having "The Flash" and "Detective West" go all goo-goo gaga all over Sophie about how much they love her on set.  We had a great time, and I'd totally post photos but cant leak anything encase of season 2 spoilers - but Sophie will be playing young Iris West on episodes 2 & 3 this fall!  It will probably be airing when we are in Maui - but I'll keep everyone posted with dates!


  1. How exciting Sophie is a movie star! So excited to see and hear more about this. Those dinner plates - looks delectable! As always a pleasure reading.

  2. Loving the inspo for the party thus far! Seems like it will be gorgeous!

  3. I also have a 4s, so I totally understand. However, you girls look adorable and I loooove your headband. I've been seeing so many girls wearing cute gold and/or silver shiny headbands and I think I'm ready to get with the times and buy one. Where did you buy it?

    Oh and how exciting about Miss. Sophie! Congrats, Mama!

  4. Those cheese plates look AMAZING. How awesome that you have access to so much of that stuff locally. How exciting is that about Sophie's role!! I can't wait to watch!! What network is the show on?!

  5. Haha, how random and cool that baby Sophie got a little "acting experience." It sounds like it was a ton of fun. You have my complete sympathy for dealing with your husband being out of town, even for just a little bit. Matt spent one night out of town for a gig I couldn't bring gbear to, and I only slept for like 2 hours. It was so sad and ridiculous. And in a strange way, I'm not surprised that poor Sophie couldn't handle seeing her daddy on FaceTime. FaceTime is awkward even for adults! ;)