Monday, July 20, 2015

New Car & Sophie Catch Up

Happy Monday lovelies!
Our city is under level 4 drought - the highest there is!  No more waterparks allowed - and our lush green grass has turned brown.  Raincouver needs some rain :(

We traded in our Civic for a Sportage!  We realized how hard it was to pack everything baby in our Honda - so finally made the upgrade to an SUV.  It's my first time as a Kia owner, but I'm totally loving everything about our new car so far.  It's totally loaded with features like push button start, back up camera, GPS, panoramic sunroof, Bluetooth, and a leather interior with heated seats - and most importantly AWD.  Clearly I'm on my way to becoming that soccer mom stereotype - starting with the car.

Our lovely new SUV!  We still have our Chrysler - but this is our main car now.

Sophie turned 7 months.  I'd love to say my baby loves wearing all these cute little dresses in her closet, but realistically she is a minimalist like her momma, and is happiest wearing as little as possible.  At least she still gives me smiles when I do choose to play dress up.

Big Smiles on her big girl chair. 

 But she'd much rather be a naked baby outside.
She's also all about afternoon naps - which is great as mommy always gets her workout done (and if I have time like today, I can sneak in a blog post).

 She's all about taking up as much room as possible.
My grandma came to town on the weekend to celebrate her birthday with us!  It's so great to see these 2 together, and that I got to make my grandma a great-grandma!  We all went to a golf course for dinner, (and I was secretly panicking inside as it was our first time bringing Sophie to a fancy restaurant).  Luckily she was well behaved and proved that mommy and daddy could try this again sometime :).

 Sophie and her Great Grandma Ruth!
Sophie also as her 2 bottom teeth coming in now!  And she is also saying Ba Ba Ba Ba over and over and over.  I have no idea what Ba Ba Ba Ba is, but it's so exciting that she has her first word, and has been saying it for 3 days straight now :)

And I'll leave you with a shot of how we spent last night - park side with a bottle of VQA.  Happy summer darlings!  Stay hydrated!  Also - head on over here for my appearance on Michelles blog - Grammie Time.  I talk about everything from childhood memories, make up tips and advice for new moms.


  1. Oh no! I hope you get some rain soon! Congrats on the new vehicle-I can totally see you being that "cool" soccer mom, not the stuffy, uptight type:)

  2. I found you through Grammie Time. Love the new car :)


  3. Congrats on the new car! I traded in my Civic for an SUV a little less than a year ago. It's crazy how much more room you have now, isn't it? I loved my Civic but I love all the extra space even more! That picture of Sophie and your grandmother is just precious!

  4. Congrats on the awesome new car! Love seeing these precious photos of adorable Sophie :)

    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook

  5. Awww, I love the picture of your grandma and Sophie! That's truly a treasured moment. She is becoming a big girl with those 2 front teeth. I'm sure she's chewing on everything. Congrats on the car and look like you guys had the perfect day. Hope some rain comes your way soon. Take care. ~Lowanda

  6. Look at all that hair!! Oh my goodness your little girl is just growing!! What a sweet photo of her and your grandma. Love the new car as well! What a beaut! x

  7. I wanted to first say thanks for letting me post in your blog. The biggest issue i had at my dealership was choosing the hatchback or the sedan. They were close on price, so we opted for the hatchback and are so glad we did. I never realized how many things I moved and needed that little extra space to do it.

    Jeromy @ Fiesta Kia