Monday, August 17, 2015

Sophie Turns 8 Months!

This little cutie turned 8 months this weekend!

Sophie's 8 Month Milestones include
  • Ba Ba Ba Ba is her answer to everything.  Either that, or hmm.
  • Blowing spit bubbles is her new favorite skill.  I think she loves the feeling of spit flying on her own face.
  • She also likes to breathe in and out really fast through her nose sometimes when she's having lots of fun.  Nicholas will imitate it back to her, and they will go back and forth doing it until Sophie switches to Ba Ba Ba or spit bubbles.
  • Her Jolly Jumper is still her best friend, but rather than her intense big jumps she used to have - she now uses the jumper to try and swing forward and touch the wall.  She also loves admiring her own shadow.
  • She's 30 inches long, has 2 bottom teeth and one upper one piercing through.
  • Sophie still sleeps through the night!  Last night she passed out at 10pm and didn't wake up until 10am. 
  • She is starting to sit up on her own (for a few seconds at a time).
  • She loves to roll around, and rolls like crazy on our bed (we barricade her a rolling area with pillows).  She has no desire to roll on the ground, and instead does baby crunches or just has tummy time push ups.
  • Sophie tries to pick up toys with her feet, and can now detect her favorite objects that aren't so visible, and will move around until she can reach them.
  • She wants to put anything and everything in her mouth.  And also grab mommy's nose & hair, and daddy's beard.
  • One of her new fave activities is trying to grab and hold onto a balloon.
  • Her new foods she's been introduced to, since turning 8 months include cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and organic eggs.  The first time she had cottage cheese (mixed in with her pureed food), she made gagging sounds and I totally panicked.  Then I realized its normal that babies will make gagging sounds when swallowing new textures.  Her fave baby food mix is still organic quinoa, beets, sweet potato and cinnamon.  She also eats a mix of kale/peas/pears every day too.
  • She loves her new babiator sunglasses, and surprisingly doesn't try to take them off.
  • The outdoors is her ultimate happy place.
For her 8 month old fun, we headed over to Van Dusen Botanical Gardens so Sophie could check out some new plant textures and scents.

 Sophie and Daddy also had a tickle match going on.
 And neither one wanted to look at the camera.
 Sophie and I dancing away to Hey Jude, as the day was filled with many songs from the 50s and 60s.
 Sophie trying to grab as many leaves as she can.  And then eat them.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

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  1. Your family is almost TOO attractive. I suspect you're really just a bunch of models, like the family that comes in a new picture frame. ;)

    Sophie's silly habits are crazy cute. Is it weird for me to be jealous of a baby's hair? Because I am.