Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2 Weeks with Sophia

On sunday our beautiful Sophia turned 2 weeks!  Its amazing how fast these 2 weeks have gone by.  We figured we should start making use of all her cute newborn outfits before she outgrows them - so we put on her little green tutu.  Its pretty cold outside, so we aren't going out much as we don't want her to catch anything, but she has had quite a few visitors the past few days.  We did take her to her 2 week Dr apt, and all is healthy & well.  Sophia has gained back her birth weight and then some & is currently at 8lbs 5oz.  She also went pee all over the bed at the Drs twice, and pood while being examined.  Atleast we had back up outfits & blankets this time :)
One thing we noticed is she is smiling more and more often :)  Tomorrow is new years eve & we haven't decided what we will do yet, but we are super excited to spend it as a family with our little one.

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  1. Such a wonderful time for all of you, what a beautiful angel!