Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015 - Throwback to 2014

Happy New Year everyone!  Its amazing how when you have a child, your outlook on life changes.  Normally, there would be no way Nicholas & I would stay at home in our underwear and watch Netflix on NYE and be in bed by 10pm - but now that we have Sophia, that was perfect for us.  Well, we didn't get to sleep at 10pm, she had us staying up to 2am - but then slept in til 10:30am (with the quick 5 min feeding at 6am & 8am).  Man by 2am, we were so tired and dying to go to bed - a far change from last year where we were dancing the night away.  I don't even miss the old days, where we would party - as now I feel like my life is more humble and grounded.

Since it is #throwbackthursday - I thought I'd throw it back to last year, where we were more glammed to the nines, than relaxing in our calvins.

I'm not one to make resolutions, as I feel I have a pretty good outlook at life, and don't need a new year to make a change - but as we were ringing in the new year (with my one glass of good wine and fancy chocolate) I was in love with the chocolate I was eating.  I rarely buy sweets (mostly the odd container of coconut bliss gelato) but if I'm going to make a resolution - It will be to indulge more in quality chocolate.  I probably only buy a bar every 2-3 months right now, and keep in the fridge and eat 1 square once a week.  I'm sure a lot of people would say indulging more is not a resolution, but I seriously think that eating more chocolate should be.  So if anyone else feels like they to, should eat more chocolate - here is a list of my faves definitely worth enjoying more frequently.
Endangered Species Chocolate - Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almonds
Trader Joes - Dark Chocolate with Caramel & Black Hawaiian Sea Salt
Green & Blacks - Organic Dark Chocolate with Crystallised Ginger
Lindt - Excellence Dark Chocolate Chili
Clearly, I love me some dark chocolate.

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