Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone!  I feel like we got a double dose of Christmas as we got to celebrate on both days.  My selfie stick hasn't arrived in the mail yet, so I'm still taking those awesome bathroom selfies.  I feel like babies are booming all around me, and its so beautiful to see - and I love how confidant and proud lots of the mothers are with sharing their post pregnancy pics, so I thought I'd share mine.  I still have some toning to do, but I'll always love my body and what amazing creature it made for me :)

Just a few pics from the celebrations at my Aunties place.  Oh - and one thing I learned - always pack extra outfits for your baby.  We thought we were well prepared with lots of diapers, wipes, butt cream, formula, pacifiers, and the list goes on... but we never thought she would need a change out of her other super cute Christmas onesie - until her poo exploded out of her diaper and all over her onesie.  Luckily my grandma had an extra Christmas onesie we could put on Sophia.  At least we know now to always have a few sets of clothes to go to.

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