Sunday, January 4, 2015

Date Night

3 weeks since our last date night & you have no idea how stoked I was to get out of the house with my love.  My mom heads back home on Monday, and since she was more than happy to babysit for us - we took advantage of it & had our first date night since Sophie.  It also happened to be one of my besties birthday - so we met up with Cheri & JP for an amazing dinner at Morocco West downtown.  The owner Kevin prepared us an amazing custom dinner for us consisting of zaalouk (eggplant spread with house made bread), Chermoula Prawns & Chicken Bastilla.  We also had Tagine for 4 sharing the chicken & seafood options - with an amazing birthday cake to finish.
It was so great to get out of the house and socialize - even if we probably talked about our daughter half the time.

Speaking of our daughter - Sophia turned 3 weeks today!  Its amazing how big she is getting.  She is smiling more often, and makes comforting sounds when we pick her up.  She is also somewhat able to control her head, and with a little support, she can turn it sideways.  Her eyes still remain green/grey/brown - and she has a full head of hair.

I also love exploring new wines/craft beers again - and Nicholas loves that we can share a glass together in the evening (or daytime) when Sophia is out napping.  I normally buy new wines that have fun labels - or from my fave vineyards & I saw this one the other day and had to pick it up.  Its actually really good for a blend.  Nick is more of a manly man drinker, & lately his drink of choice is Henny with Ginger Ale & Happy Planet Mango Pineapple Juice.  One thing I'm definitely looking forward to this summer is visiting a vineyard again!

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