Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Currently - #Tuesday

I feel like I've been missing out on some great blogging this past week, but Ive just been so busy.  #momlife.  I did one of these currently posts last month, and I think Ill stay with them and do one every month.  Can you believe there is only 5 more days left in May!

feeling//busy. Every morning I think about all the fun things I plan on doing through out the day, but by the time its 4pm - reality sinks in that between school, cooking, cleaning and everything a mom does for their babygirl - I probably wont have time to capsule my wardrobe, review my current beauty products, or tackle a fun DIY project I found on pinterest.  Despite my busy life, I'm such an optimist and I know atleast the important stuff is done.  #familyfirst.

drinking//at the moment peppermint tea.  But I will definitely be shaking up my latest greatest summer cocktail concoction when Nicholas gets in from work.  Cleary organic acai berry sorbet is much more fun than ice. #organiceverything

wearing// short shorts. and black lace tights.  Because Vancity cant make up its mind if its going to be warm enough for shorts - and pants are just too hot.  Flip flops are my only consistant day to day staple right now. #humidbutcold

watching// Game of Thrones, MasterChef and Bachlorette.  So completely different - but all PVR worthy for me.  #housewifetv

reading// Maui and Hawaii everything.  This trip is getting closer and closer.  I also have a weeks worth of amazing blogs to catch up on, so don't be surprised if I spam your blog with comments later this week. #sorrynotsorry

eating// pizza and cake.  Because I'm jet setting off to a socialite party in an hour (attending a workshop on creating custom furniture), and this mom would rather do her hair and makeup than cook tonight. #letthemeatcake

craving//burgers.  Its bbq season, and everyone in our condo complex seems to be getting their grill on.  Nicholas and I need to take bbq 101 so we can get our grill on too - and I can eat my fave ground ahi tuna burgers that are way to big for my mouth. #notsokingofthegrill

thinking//How much longer Sophie will last in her Jolly Jumper, so I can hopefully get this post in before she is jumped out. #jumparound

loving//The fact that Sophie is sleeping in her own room now - and that she only wakes up once at night for a feeding.  She's becoming such a big girl!  Cant believe she is just shy of 6 months now. #wherehasthetimegone

listening//Sophie laughing, as Nicholas just came in the door and she's full of love to see her daddy.  Those two are my world. #daddysgirl.

looking up//That in 2 days I will be 31.  So blessed for a beautiful 30th year, and cant wait to see what the next one holds. #morecakeforme

anticipating// This Saturday!  I decided for my birthday fun, Id get together a few loved ones and spend the day lake side, building sand castles and flying kites.  I haven't done either of these in probably 2 decades, so Im kinda stoked for both.  And I just bought a new kite, and its a shark.  #sharknadopart3

trying//to decide what other things Nicholas, Sophie & I can do this weekend since last weekend he ended up working.  Gotta make up for lost time :) #daytrippn

needing//to spoil myself on Thursday - and by spoil my self I mean have a shower that's longer than 10 mins, and a grande non fat soy chai tea frap from Starbucks.  #momlife

laughing//my beautiful daughters big toothless, slobbery laugh.  Its just so adorbs. #babylife

thankful for//my beautiful family.  Nicholas and Sophia truly are my world.  Happy Tuesday loves #currently


  1. I've missed you!!! You can tell they are your world. Some awesome food here. Okay, that little ruffled dress she is wearing - in love with it. I wonder if my H. would wear one like that. Good to see you back.

  2. coconut 1500 is awesome and all that food?!? AMAZING!

  3. I love you mentioned spamming blog posts because that's what I'm doing to you now haha! I need to catch up on blog reading like crazy and I don't have kids yet! I'll probably disappear altogether when I do. My time management skills could use some work haha. I have never seen 1800 Coconut before, whaa?! I've GOT to try that. Speaking of GOT...game of thrones! only 2 more episodes now! It goes by so fast. I'm also watching the bachelorette this season. I haven't for a while and things have certainly changed, ha! All that food looks soo yummy! We also almost share a birthday! Seems I'm the day before you ;) Happy Birthday Gemini sister! xx