Thursday, September 10, 2015

Five on Friday! September.

Lets get this five on Friday started!

1. Sophie's First Seawall.  Nicholas & I used to frequent the seawall every weekend or so pre-Sophie, but since having her, we had yet to introduce her to one of our favorite spots in Vancity.  Since we had the last long weekend of summer, we decided it was a must.

I must note that we also found a baby friendly patio (we weren't even the only family with a baby), and it felt so great to be able to bring Sophie out with us, and not only order a drink - but food too!  I think Sophie was so caught up with the boats going by, to get fussy on the patio.

2. Sophie's First Wave.  Don't get me wrong, we bring her to the ocean every week; but where we have visited don't offer ocean waves.  This weekend, Sophie got her first dose of real waves.  Daddy was there to keep her warm, as we strolled along the seawall.

3. Merics BBQ Bash.  Meric, one of my best friends, held his usual end of summer dominoes/ Jamaican backyard party bash this past weekend, filled with reggae music and home cooked Caribbean food.  Nick snapped this pic of Sophie assisting me in holding my beer, which I think is priceless.

4.  Sophie's First Lionel Richie Romper!  I'm more than excited that I ordered a custom locally made Lionel Richie romper for her.  It's 12-18 months, so its still quite big on her, but I'm so excited for this addition to her wardrobe.  Now the 3 of us can be Lionel dorks and all go out in our Lionel outfits :)

5. Texas Food.  I've Been living off of nachos and cowboy caviar all week.  And whisky.  I haven't been to Texas in about a year, but seriously.  I'm all about them tacos.

6. My Backyard.  I know it's five on Friday, but seriously - our drought just went from stage 4 to stage 2 and we have greenery again.  I'm kind of exited to just chillax in my backyard again, while Sophie explores all things green.


  1. Everything about this screams FUN! And of course, you know how much I love your food pictures. Hey, isn't Hawaii just around the corner?

  2. Sophie always looks like such a boss! Those shades, the cute little romper, the hand up with the other on your beer. Too cute!

  3. Sophie in that romper! Omgosh so cute! but her in those glasses...SOOOOOO adorable. I love those pics of her and Nicholas are just SO precious! You have the cutest little family ever! xx

  4. THAT ROMPER. I love that it exists, and that you found it, and that she looks dynamite in it. I also love seeing a post from you in my Bloglovin' feed :)